Write a menu-driven mini-statistics package

Use whatever control structures are most appropriate for each problem.

Write a menu-driven mini-statistics package

write a menu-driven mini-statistics package

In South AfricaNamibia and Zimbabwethese stores are generally called bottle stores. United Kingdom and Ireland[ edit ] In the United Kingdom and Ireland the corresponding term is off licencewhich refers to the fact that alcohol may be bought on the licensed premises, but must be consumed off the premises.

Almost all supermarkets and groceries, and many petrol stations, have an off-licence.


The price of alcohol in off licence establishments is substantially lower than in on-licence establishments barspubsand restaurants. Oceania[ edit ] Australia — Regulation of alcoholic beverage sales is a state responsibility. Generally, beer, wine and spirits must be purchased at a bottle shop, colloquially known as a bottle-o.

These may be a separate section of a supermarket or an individual shop — major retail corporations usually have their own bottle shop franchises located close to their supermarket operations. Drinking establishments may also sell liquor for off-site consumption. Drive-through alcoholic retail outlets are common.

The state of Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory permit the sale of alcoholic beverages from supermarkets and convenience shops.

Spirits whiskybrandyrumginvodka etc. Nordic countries[ edit ] Note: All Nordic countries, except Denmarkhave government-owned alcohol monopolies. Denmark — Alcoholic beverages can be bought at any grocery store or kiosk. There are several dedicated stores specialised in certain types of alcohol, typical wine or beer from special breweries or worldwide brands.

Some of these also specialize in tobacco. Some also have permission to serve alcohol, mainly because of the option of free samples "try before you buy" and special events. Some even have a concept of a Liquor store in the daytime, and a bar and restaurant opening in the evening.

All other alcohol must be purchased in the Alko store. Iceland — Can only be bought at hard-liquor stores. Norway — Alcoholic beverages above 4. Sweden — Grocery stores may sell beer no higher than 3.

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All other alcohol must be purchased in the state-run Systembolaget stores, also known as Bolaget or Systemet. The consumption of alcohol on premises is not forbidden, but is frowned upon.

United States[ edit ] Some states in the United States operate their own retail stores for the sale of certain types of alcohol, such as this state-run liquor store in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.Epicalc, an add-on package of R enables R to deal more easily with epidemiological data. Epicalc, written by Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong of Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Thailand has been well accepted by members of the R core-team and the package is downloadable from CRAN which is mirrored by 69 academic institutes in 29 countries.

Write a menu driven program that works as follows: If character A or a is pressed, then it must run a program to determine factorial of a positive number. Describe with the help of .

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write a menu-driven mini-statistics package

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A key word, to use the classes defined in a package. (e) Name the class that is used for different mathematical functions. , write a menu driven program to convert a given temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. For an incorrect Author: Programming Made Easy: JAVA.

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