Wine apellation research

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Wine apellation research

Published on January 23, 2: A university study looked at the impact of American Viticultural Area appellations and sub-appellations on wine price. Average prices and wine rankings were compared across six sub-appellations within the overall Willamette Valley AVA as part of the research, which was headed by economics professor Omer Gokcekus of Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

Wine apellation research

The study was published in the Journal of Wine Economics. After obtaining their sub-appellation designations, wines from four of those areas — Chehalem Mountains, Dundee Hills, Ribbon Ridge and Yamhill Carlton — saw their price-to-quality ratio outpace the rest of the Willamette Valley.

The resulting lack of variation makes wines from the region more distinct, he said. For wineries to petition the U. | Your Site for Wine Suggestions & Research

Even so, Gokcekus said he was surprised by the size of price premiums some wines commanded solely due to their appellation. Creating ever-smaller appellations probably stops making economic sense at some point, though.

In this case, the Willamette Valley had already established a solid footing in the wine industry. For example, the price-to-quality ratio for two sub-AVAs, Eola-Amity Hills and McMinnville, did not meaningfully surpass the rest of the Willamette Valley despite the designations, he found.

Being located within a well-known sub-AVA, such as Dundee Hills, is associated with a premium but winemakers must source 95 percent of their grapes from that appellation to promote it on their label, said Denise Flora, co-owner of the Native Flora winery.Welcome to is a community of those who make wine and those who enjoy it.

If you're passionate about wine or merely curious, this is your total resource for quick answers or serious research on wine so pop open a bottle, pour . Appellation America is a comprehensive online wine portal providing access to every winery, grape varietal and appellation in WA.

WSU Plant Pathology The Department of Plant Pathology at Washington State University conducts research on a broad range of diseases and provides solutions to disease problems impacting agriculture in Washington State. 20 July , Rome - Despite a winemaking tradition that dates back several thousand years, Georgia’s greatest liquid asset – today wine is the country’s third biggest export – is at risk, threatened by counterfeiting and the wine sector’s failure to diversify its markets.

Georgian wine.

Wine apellation research

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(a cumulative and permanent repository of writings which reflect the development of the Kansas appellation as a distinct winegrowing region.

Submission and selection criteria for placement of material in the Permanent Collection). The Inter-disciplinary Winegrape Team formed of OSU researchers work together to solve the most pressing issues facing the thriving grape and wine industry in Ohio.

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