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Welcome table

Alice Walker’s “The Welcome Table” VS Nadine Gordimer’s “Country Lovers” Essay Example for Free

It is a homemade meal served on abundant plates by an attentive wait staff. Lunch and dinner are served family style and folks are invited to linger over the meal as in a nice restaurant or dinner at home.

Never intending to be a soup kitchen or feeding line, we want our meal to be a crossroads of diverse community, a gathering of disparate folks, a fork and spoon invitation to prince and pauper alike.

People who might not otherwise come to know each other develop a friendship over a shared meal.


There are four seatings each Wednesday for lunch at Stop by the Hospitality Cart on your way in and pick up a reservation for the mealtime that works best for you. If you are bringing a group, please contact us in advance so we can be sure to prepare enough food: To volunteer with the Downtown Welcome Table, the first step is to attend a companion orientation.

Chefs Downtown Welcome Table is a creative partnership between local chefs and restaurateurs and the Downtown Welcome Table, based on the belief that one of the best ways to love people is through food.

We are extremely grateful to the more than 40 local restaurants that participate with this program.The renovation was completed, mostly by members of the church, in the fall of , and the first “Welcome Table” community meal was served on October 28, Since the beginning, the Gardner Rotary Club has been a tremendous help by sponsoring meals, providing financial support, and by Rotarians who volunteer at the meals.

Welcome table

The University of South Carolina is home to more than years of history and tradition, rising from a single building in on what would become the heart of the campus, the Horseshoe.

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Welcome table

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First impressions are everything! The first impression of your big day is given in the form of your invitations, but come wedding day, that role belongs to the welcome table.

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Learning together from the heart of the home

Sensitive word is off! Sign in. THE WELCOME TABLE is a national association of people who care about the food they eat and the people who have touched it, and want to be part of making a better food system for all. As ROC’s Saru Jayaraman has said, “We don’t just hold forks when we eat out, we hold incredible power.”.

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