Tesco suitability

When a mortgage offer is issued, income checks must be dated within this period or updated income documentation sought. Where the application is their own mortgage, this must be placed through the direct channel.

Tesco suitability

It must be made with liquidised pork-belly fat and the sweat ducts of a dead goat. Truth is, all petrol and diesel sold in the UK must meet British Standards.

That means that filling up at Tesco or Asda is just as safe for your engine as doing so at a Shell or Esso garage.

It all comes from the same UK refineries. So, is there any difference at all? Well, different petrol retailers use different additives before it hits your tank.

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Some drivers swear by them. Others just swear at the idea of supermarket fuel. So Lord knows where these people get their ideas from.

Maybe these are the folk who firmly believe the Royal Family are shape-shifting lizards or that Jay-Z is a time-travelling vampire. These will cost you around 12p per litre more.

So, they better be good. They come with fancy names like Synergy Supreme Plus and Momentum It seems these fuels do actually make a difference. Some instruction manuals, especially on performance cars, even advise you to use octane fuel.

We asked a man with a very high forehead and a white coat about this. He told us the octane rating of petrol refers to how efficiently it burns. The higher the figure, the greater the efficiency. At 99, it burns like a returning vindaloo.

Super fuels also usually feature a nicer additive mix for better performance or economy. So, should you go for super fuels in your car?

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See you at Tesco.With HMV, customers were given the option to exchange HMV gift cards bought at Tesco, Asda or Boots for vouchers for one of those stores. Can I get my money back if gift cards are not accepted? DO check suitability before buying.

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Tesco suitability

Throughout your life you're likely to need different financial products. A financial adviser can help you make the .

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