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To create this front cover, I took the original image of the model and cut out the background white screen around her.

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April 27, — Leave a comment The genre of our opening sequences reflects on the age for our target audience. We also used teenage actors so that the appeal is more teenage based and not unrealistic.

The sequence shows a girl having been kidnapped by a man and tied up in the boot of a car. We used a similar story line to Split and Insidious. Our film would contain graphic scenes relating to that of death which therefore classifies it as PG.

To appeal to the target audience further we would use extended revenue streams and symbiotic marketing such as clothing, games and other merchandise that would be appropriate to the movie. The typical audience members would be social teenagers who like to watch horror movies at the cinema.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized. I gave researched the ways in which distribution companies successfully play a role in gaining a large audience for a movie.

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The best idea is to find a suitable company who distributes similar films so that they can be more familiar with my work and aim to distribute it in the best way possible.

My Film is a low-budget independent film with a target audience of teenagers in general. I would choose a company such as Media as coursework blog as they have already produced similar films to my own and hold independent films as Media as coursework blog priority.

Marketing is also important to the film so I would use social media to promote it using trailers and pictures. April 27, — Leave a comment Our opening sequence had two character neither of whose names were revealed yet in order to continue the suspense and mystery.

We decided to concentrate on the details of how they would be represented instead so that the audience could understand what kind of background they may have been from.

We brainstormed ideas on a mindmap so we could explore our options. We took into consideration the age group we wanted to represent the from the character so we tried to follow a teenage inspired look for the girl in the sequence Rose so it could be known to the audience that she is a normal teenager and of middle class which is represented by her choice of clothing.

On the contrary we used smart dressed clothes for the main antoganist in the sequence to make him look older and from more of a professional background. This is to help the audience realise there is some connection between the two character and a motive.

We got a lot of inspiration from a number of films. When filming we decided to pay attention to the conventions of what a horror sequence is made up of for example: The connotations with horrors are suspicions and mystery.

Through using certain shots such as establishing and still, it creates an eerie and mysterious atmosphere which is commonly associated with scary movies. Lighting Most horror films are shot with dark lighting to create suspense and a scary atmosphere which is associated with darkness and the fear of the unknown.

Dark lighting is used to create tension and mystery which engages audiences and makes them question what is going to happen next. The Purge film is primarily shot at night which suggests that all bad and scary things such as a night of killing is linked to ideas of evil and fear.

Here is an example shot: We tried to replicate the effect of the dark lighting shot at night to an extent. We ended up cutting our final scene out as it was too dark and not visible enough and could not be shot in the light in order to create the desired affect.

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Colour Grading We thought it would be more realistic and authentic if we actually shot the sequence in the dark instead of creating darkness primarily from editing in Final Cut Pro.

Even though the lighting sets the mood there is still a need to edit in colour grading in order to make the footage more consistent and professional.

You can alter colour grading by by decreasing saturation, adding or removing brightness. The location we used was important as we needed to have a shot of the sky and the gradual decrease of light which represented that it was becoming more dark and the plot was thickening.

Sound Sound is important for any sequence as it represents the mood for the film. We decided to go with a non diagetic piece which was repetitive and continuous to engage the audience whilst the sequence begins.

The music was without lyrics which matches the fact there is no speech in our sequence. It is important to place music at the right points so that it stays in sync with the actions on the screen and whatever happens next makes sense. April 26, — Leave a comment The next seven blogs will be me answering seven different questions which evaluates our opening sequence.

I will try and answer the questions in a range of different ways and try and add as much detail as possible.

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The seven questions are: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Media as coursework blog

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?A level media coursework This section is where we focus on camera angles and movement, the research I’ve done looks into camera angles, shot length with framing and camera movements.

I have also used various examples to illustrate the difference in shots. Introductionto my blog This media blog is an accum About Me. caitlin. Media coursework blog 2 Tuesday, 16 October encrypted-media" allowfullscreen> This is a thriller short film. It is a fast paced video which has scenes and dialogue changing rapidly.

The scenes were changing quick which could also link to the actor looking at .

When I began my AS Media coursework, I completed a skills audit evaluating my current knowledge and skills using the macs and other applications. Sep 29,  · Coursework Development 09/01/18 Photographs For Magazine Over the Christmas holidays I had 2 photoshoots for MONTGOMERY MAGAZINE. The first photoshoot was the boys photoshoot. As there aren't as many pictures with boys featured in my magazine I was able to spend more time taking lots of pictures of the same pose from different angles and. A level media coursework This section is where we focus on camera angles and movement, the research I’ve done looks into camera angles, shot length with framing and camera movements. I have also used various examples to illustrate the difference in shots. Introductionto my blog This media blog is an accum About Me. caitlin.

Hi, My name is Rachel Day and this is my AS media coursework blog. for my coursework I have to create a music magazine of my choice. I have created this blog to allow you to come along with me on the process of creating it should be a fun experience!!

At the beginning of our AS Media Coursework process we published a timeline for our coursework, everytime after completing and meeting a deadline we re uploaded our newly updated timeline.

As we have come to an end and completed our coursework, below is . Media Coursework Blog "It has been a long axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important" – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I decided to create a list of equipment needed for my filming.

Although the equipment may not be used throughout all my filming, it will contribute in some way to my final project and will still be included.

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