Lowell mason essay

Lowell Mason was born on January 8, in Medfield, Massachusetts. At an early age, he showed an intense interest in music, and began to compose when he was very young. Mason served as director of music at the Hanover, Green and Park Street churches, and as president of the Handel and Haydn Society in Inhe co-founded the Boston Academy of Music, and in he taught music on a volunteer basis.

Lowell mason essay

Lowell mason essay

A Biography of Lowell Mason: Michael Pratt Lowell Mason, who many people regard as the father of public school music education, was born in Medfield, MA on January 8, into a musical family. Both of his parents sang in their church choir and his father played the bass viol.

At a young age Lowell learned to play several instruments, attended a singing school taught by Amos Albee and studied composition with composer Oliver Shaw. At the age of 16 he became the choir director of his church choir and two years later directed the Medfield town band.

At the age of 20 Lowell moved to Savannah, GA exactly why is unknown where he worked and later became partner in a dry-goods store. All-the-while pursuing a living, Lowell continued his musical career.

Having led singing schools in Savannah, Lowell became choir director in of the Independent Presbyterian Church and five years later its organist.

Establishing himself as a leader in his community Lowell was Sunday school superintendent at his church from to and, inopened the first Sunday school for black children in America.

In Lowell was the founder of the Savannah Missionary Society. During this time Lowell continued to develop himself musically by taking composition lessons from German-born Frederick L.

Abel who had immigrated to Savannah in Using as his model a collection of hymns set to tunes of Mozart and Haydn by William Gardiner entitled Sacred Melodies, Lowell set about writing his own collection of hymns also set to tunes of famous composers under the guidance of Abel.

Rejected by publishers in Philadelphia and Boston, Lowell submitted the collection to Dr.

The series also contains correspondence, books and photographs. The correspondence is mostly with members of Lowell Mason’s family and Harry S. Truman. Included are a biography by Betsy Hoort in titled “Lowell Blake Mason: A Portrait, July 25, July 9, ” and “The Language of Dissent” written by Mason. Lowell Mason (), American music educator, tune-book compiler, and composer, was called the "father of singing among the children." He was the outstanding American music educator for over half a century and was the . Lowell mason essay I heart essay Drowning personal experience essay rogue farm charles stross analysis essay ap world history comparative essays global warming essay in english words essay essay schreiben englisch tipps and shakes historical essays .

With this success Lowell negotiated positions as music director at three churches in Boston and returned there in although still keeping his job as teller at the American Bank. In Lowell compiled what is believed to be the first collection of Sunday school music entitled The Juvenile Psalmist and in followed that with The Juvenile Lyre a collection of school music for children.

About the same time a resolution was presented to the Primary School Board of Boston to introduce the systematic instruction of vocal music in the public schools. Apparently no action was taken and the matter was dropped. Agitation continued for the inclusion of vocal music in the public schools.

Eliot among others established the Boston Academy of Music to promote the art of singing, raise the standards of church music, and to promote the introduction of music education in the public schools.

The academy was immediately successful and by its second year had enrolled over students.

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It offered vocal and instrumental instruction, developed both choral and instrumental ensembles, and gave public concerts among them the first American performances of Beethoven symphonies. This book, supposedly based on Pestalozzian principles, was used for many years by music teachers.The Mission of the Lowell Mason House is to preserve, restore, and promote Lowell Mason's birthplace as a significant historical and educational resource.

Lowell mason essay

More Information. The House. Find out more about the house history and the status of the restoration project. Learn More. My father was a preacher. My mother was a music teacher. Mom taught piano and voice.

In , at the age of 9, I began singing on a radio program out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, called “Children’s Bible Hour” with Aunt Bertha and all the happy kids.

Lowell Mason (), American music educator, tune-book compiler, and composer, was called the "father of singing among the children." He was the outstanding American music educator for over half a century and was the . Lowell Mason was born in Medfield, Mass., January 8, From childhood he had manifested an intense love for music, and had devoted all his spare time and effort to improving himself according to such opportunities as were available to him.

Lowell mason essay

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Lowell Mason: Lowell Mason, hymn composer, music publisher, and one of the founders of public-school music education in the United States. Mason went to Savannah, Georgia, as a bank clerk and became choirmaster at the Independent Presbyterian Church in that city.

In he published The Handel and Haydn.

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