Assurance of learning exercises

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Assurance of learning exercises

Assurance of learning exercises

Mindfulness of thoughts 8. Mindfulness of thoughts We often treat thoughts as if they were facts.

Assurance of learning exercises

When we have a thought many times, over and over, it can condense into a belief. So a belief is a thought, or a number of connected thoughts, that we have a lot of the time. Beliefs are then quite often taken as facts.

Mindfulness of thoughts | mp3

When we start to pay attention to our thoughts, with a gentle curiosity, then we start to think about our thinking. We can then move away from believing that the thought is a fact. If the thought does have evidence pointing to it being a fact, ask yourself a different question.

Choose not to get caught up in it.

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Allow yourself to notice any thoughts that come into your head as you are aware of your breathing. Notice, pay attention to and accept these thoughts, without judgement. Thoughts are not bad or good, positive or negative, they just are what they are — the thought that you happen to be having at this particular moment.

You may become aware that you are having difficulty thinking about your thoughts — so think about that. You may be thinking: Allow yourself to think about that. Some people like the metaphor of allowing the thoughts to just float like leaves on a stream, or clouds in a sky, noticing each passing thought and then the one that comes after it, and then the one that comes after that.

A Buddhist idea is to think of thoughts as pages written on water. You may notice that just at the moment you become aware of a thought, it passes and is replaced by another thought.

Finally, bring yourself back to awareness of the breath. Please feel free to download the MP3 for your own personal use.Welcome to the Crossrail Learning Legacy website. The Crossrail Learning Legacy is the collation and dissemination of good practice, lessons learned and innovation from the Crossrail construction programme aimed at raising the bar in industry and showcasing UK PLC.

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The Native Learning Center (NLC) offers free Training and Technical Assistance (T&TA) to Native Americans and those working within Indian Country, with an emphasis on the educational needs of Tribal members and their communities. Mindfulness exercises allow you to be able to identify, tolerate and reduce difficult, painful and even frightening thoughts, feelings and sensations.

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